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A mass community singing of the Cornish anthem every St Piran's Day March 5th

Are you ready for the Trelawny Shout 2022?

The Trelawny Shout refused to let a global pandemic stand in the way of a good old Cornish sing song. Last year, we took our collective voice online with a heart-warming video that led us all in the 9pm St Piran’s Day Shout – this year, we might just get to do it in person.

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How It Works

It’s a very simple idea. A community network gets together  – a pub, a club, a local choir, a few strong singers, perhaps a local charity – to sing the iconic Cornish anthem Trelawny on St Piran’s Day at 9pm. The song is sung, the charity pot is filled, Cornwall raises its celebratory voice and the collective heart is warmed!


Join In

Join us on Facebook and Twitter

Our Facebook page is a lively place. Call it Trelawny Shout HQ – a place where pubs, clubs and communities come to declare themselves IN. Choirs pop by to offer to lead the singing in towns and villages all over Cornwall, individuals drop in to share Trelawny Shout news and info and generally share the love.


Some thanks to our supporters

Support comes in all shapes and sizes. Schedules permitting, BBC Radio Cornwall broadcasts a live shout at 9pm so people at home can join in. Tiffany Truscott’s evening show (weekdays only) does St Piran’s Day proud.

Funding has come from FEAST Cornwall too – we couldn’t have met the 2020 challenge to raise 20,000 voices or made 2021’s lockdown video without it.

A big thank you to Venn Creative too for designing and building this website out of the kindest of their community hearts and long being committed supporters of the Trelawny Shout and all things Cornish.

Cornwall’s breweries and pub suppliers often come forward with discounted beer or donated pasties – if you’re putting on a charity event, it’s always worth asking.

If you think you can help, please get in touch!