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How to Join In

The Trelawny Shout is a great community event for everyone - singers, pubs, clubs, charity fundraisers and most importantly YOU!

The Trelawny Shout is now a firm fixture in Cornwall’s March 5th celebrations. Its success is in its simplicity: One song, one night, but thousands of voices raising the roofs of pubs, clubs, and homes up and down the land. Why not make it part of a charitable event and raise funds for a case close to your heart?
Contact your local pub or rouse the troops in your rowing club or town band to see if they’d be up for having a bit of a sing song. Ask around to see who knows someone who knows someone who is in a choir or would be happy to lead the singing.  Consider putting on a Cornish evening event in your village hall or even having a St Piran’s celebration in your own kitchen.  
All you need is a choir or a few confident singers, a song sheet and a sense of belonging to the best place in the world. The lyrics to Trelawny can be found here.  


Do you have a charitable cause close to your heart?

Boost funds by holding a Trelawny Shout in your community!


Cornwall is full of wonderful choirs and the Trelawny Shout loves these  confident voices to lead the shouts in each venue. Are you one of them? Join the throng, talk to your local pub or village hall committee or hold one on the harbourside!


Do you own or manage a pub?

St Austell Brewery often support their pubs if you want to hold a Trelawny Shout this year – and other breweries and suppliers are approachable too. Try them, they usually want to help!


Listen to BBC Radio Cornwall, check our social media, read the local papers and talk to your nearest pub to find out where to join in.

There’s nothing quite like a bit of community singing to make you feel a part of where you live!